Our Governing Body


Our Governing Body has overall responsibility for Melin Primary School. The Governing Body is made up of a range of people from the community and they use their expertise to make sure that the children in Melin Primary School get the best education that they can.

Local Authority Governors

Mrs. Sandra Miller (Chairperson)

Cllr. Mrs. S. Penry (Vice Chairperson)

Cllr. Mr. M. Protheroe (Attendance Governor)

Cllr. Mr. W. Carpenter

Parent Governors

Mrs. L. Clamp

Mr. A. Jones

Miss G. Jones

Cllr. Mrs. L. Jones


Community Governors


Mrs. R. Reed

Miss S. Worth (ALN Governor)

Staff Governors

Mr. T. Richards (Headteacher)

Mrs. B. Burge (Teaching Member)

Mrs. L. Grey (Non-Teaching Member)