Documents and Policies

Below you’ll find links to documents and policies that the Governing Body of the school have approved.

Safguarding Information and Policies

Safeguarding and Child Protection policy 2021

Intimate Care Policy May 2018

Online Safety Policy March 2022

Melin Primary School SME Policy September 2022

Food and Fitness Policy September 2021

Behaviour, Discipline and Bullying (inc Cyber) Policy October 2020

Toilet policy March 2020

Anti-Bullying Policy September 2021

Positive Handling Policy May 2018

Sex Education and Relationships Policy 2020

LAC Policy October 2020

Melin Primary School Bereavement Policy 2020

Melin Primary School Live Streaming and Video Conferencing Policy 2020

Sun Protection Policy June 2022

Complaints Policies and Information Requests

Complaints 2020

FOI Publication Scheme

Melin Primary School CCTV Policy June 2019

Melin Primary School Data_Protection_Policy_ June 2019

School Prospectus and Spending Plans (PDG)

Melin Primary Prospectus Final 2022-23

Melin Primary SDP September 2022 Summary

Melin Primary School PDG Strategy Statement

School Information

School Uniform Policy Spring 2022

MAT Policy September 2017

Charging Policy 2020

Attendance Policy September 2022

Penalty Notice for unauthorised absences from school – Information for parents carers Leaflet Nov 22

NPTCBC Community School Admission Arrangements 2022-2023

Curriculum Related Policies


ALN Policy 2018

Religious Education Policy 2017

PSE policy

Melin Primary School Collective Worship Policy

Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship Policy 2020

Curriculum policy Melin Primary School 2021