Returning to School in September

Now that the end of the summer term is here, we’re busy planning for September when we will be welcoming all the boys and girls back to school. We’ve been asked to publish our draft risk assessment for returning to school which can be found below. With any risk assessment, it is reviewed regularly to ensure it is fit for purpose and using the most up-to-date guidance available:

Risk assessment for schools returning COVID-19 3-8-2020

The school will be having two preparation days on Tuesday 1st and Wednesday 2nd of September so children from existing N2 to Year Six will start back to school on Thursday 3rd of September 2020.

New nursery pupils have been contacted with arrangements for them to start in a staggered way in early September.

Below, we’ve put some guides together for parents from each of the classes from Nursery to Year 6. In the guides, we’ve provided information on staggered start times and end times, lunch arrangements and other information that we think you’d like to know before your child returns. It’s really important that you read the information for your child’s class and are confident that we’ve adapted the classrooms to fit the current Welsh Government guidance and will be well ventilated and cleaned through the day.

Start and end times are staggered for your children. Also, pupils who are eligible for free school meals will have to now pay for their lunch or bring their own packed lunch for the remainder of the time that the Authority distributes the money through BACS to you as parents. Please be aware that Breakfast Club will not initially be running when we go back to school but we are working hard to get it back in operation safely.

If you have any questions on anything, please just email and we’ll do our best to answer them

Nursery Children and Parents

Morning Nursery Start Time: 9.00 AM                    End Time: 11.00 AM

Afternoon Nursery Start Time: 1.00 PM                    End Time: 3.00 PM

*** NEW *** If your child is moving from Nursery into full-time education in our Reception class, please take a look at the video below which will share information usually covered in the ‘meeting with parents’.

Mrs. Harris is looking forward to meeting our new children in September and working with the older nursery pupils again.

September Parent Guide Nursery 



Also, don’t miss the letter that was sent to parents too. Letter to parents 7-7-2020

Reception Children and Parents

Start Time: 9.00 AM                    End Time: 3.10 PM

Mrs. Jeremy has loved meeting the new Reception pupils. I know that they are really going to enjoy working together in September.

September Parent Guide Reception


Year 1 Children and Parents

Start Time: 9.00 AM                     End Time: 3.10 PM

Mrs. Burge is really looking forward to teaching the Year One children after meeting them this year. I’m sure it’s going to be a great year and they’ll love their learning and time in Year One.

September Parent Guide Year One



Year 2 Children and Parents

Start Time: 8:40 am.         End Time: 3.00 pm

*** NEW *** If your child is moving site from Year 2 to Year 3 in September, please take a look at the video below which explains the changes for your family.

Mrs. Davies and Miss Richards are excited about working together with the children. They’ll know Miss Richards really well already and so I’m sure they’ll be really happy in their new class.

September Parent Guide Year Two


Year 3 Children and Parents

Start Time: 8.45 am.         End Time: 3.15 pm

Mrs. Davies is excited about working with the Year 3 with Miss Richards. I know that they are going to enjoy their first year on the Key Stage Two site.

September Parent Guide Year 3



Year 3/4 Children and Parents

Start Time: 8.45 pm.         End Time: 3.15 pm

Mrs. Asquith is returning from her Welsh language sabbatical and I’m sure that the boys and girls from Year 3 and Year4 who are in her class will learn a great deal from her while enjoying themselves. She can’t wait!

September Parent Guide Year 3-4


Year 5 Children and Parents

Start Time: 9.00 am.         End Time: 3.25 pm

Miss Cooze enjoyed getting to know her new class. She’s looking forward to having the Year Five children this year.

September Parent Guide Year 5


Year 6 Children and Parents

Start Time: 9.00 am.         End Time: 3.25 pm

Mrs Cooke is excited about her new class. They had a lovely get together and chat! I’m sure they’ll do really well in their final year with us.

September Parent Guide Year 6