Covid information

We’ve been asked to publish our draft risk assessment which is based on the guidance framework from Welsh Government. With any risk assessment, it is reviewed regularly to ensure it is fit for purpose and using the most up-to-date guidance available:

MLP-Alert Level Zero 3-5-22 Low

Can I remind you that learners, staff and other adults should not come into a school/setting if they:

  • have COVID-19 symptoms
  • have tested positive for COVID-19

Anyone developing COVID-19 symptoms during the school day will be sent home immediately

What if my child has a positive test out of school hours?

If your child has a test for COVID and has a positive result outside of school hours, please let the school know by filling in the form by clicking here. Or, take a photo of this QR code and complete the form.

TTP will liaise with parents directly following a positive case and the school will provide additional information to TTP, if requested.

We would ask parents to ensure that they maintain social distancing in the yard when dropping off and collecting the children and leave promptly.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Do the children need to bring a bag and pencil case to school?

If the children are bringing a packed lunch, they can bring a bag. They will need PE kit, which can be left in school. They will not need a pencil case or bag for any other reason as individual equipment packs will be given to the children.

  • I need to set up parent pay. How do I go about it?

Just give our school clerks a ring or email the school on and we’ll do our best to help. We’re still setting up our systems to be able to widen the way we use it so we can accept money for fruit, uniform etc. Please be patient with us as we want to get it right.

  • Is breakfast club running?

Yes, it’s back running. See above for more information on the school times.

  • Are children going to be able to play with different year groups in the yard?

The children will be able to play with more children in the yard now due to the relaxation of Covid restrictions. We’re going to vary the school timetable to mean that pupils can play with children from other classes, but still have more room in the yard to play with their friends.

  • I need to order uniform, how can I do it?

Give the office a ring or email and one of our clerks will be able to help you.

If you have any questions on anything, please just email and we’ll do our best to answer them.